Andrew Pulger

My name is Andrew Pulger. I'm currently studying Graphic Design Media at Centennial College in Toronto, Canada. I was born and raised here and was brought up well by my parents. I was always taught and believe that, "if you do something, might as well do it to the best of your ability."

I'm currently working at FedEx Office, doing various tasks such as printing, customer service, and just trying to survive like your everyday person.

I'll be graduating very soon and will be fresh out of my program, but don't let that cloud your judgement of me. You'll come to find that I am a very diligent worker, and will do whatever I can in my power to succesfully make sure everything is done on time and with good care.

I enjoy graphic design with a passion. I also am focusing on improving my illustration skills. I'm continually striving to develope my web design skills so that I may meet the popular demand set by todays standards.

I like telling people that I love what I do, and want to feel like it's not just a career.

I'm an avid gamer BUT, I know when to focus on my work. I play a lot of PC Games, and most of them are anything Valve related. I also game on the console, paint Warhammer 40k, fold Origami, sculpt models, doodle, paint, build computers, dabble in photography, and enjoy eating delicious food, including but not limited to Japanese, Chinese, Hakka, Vietnamese, and Thai, as well as good old fashioned Canadian.