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Armaan Kapur

Armaan Kapur

Hi, my name is Armaan.

I'm a marketing graduate from Cass Business School (London, UK). I live in New Delhi, India.

I'm a freelance photographer and graphic designer. I also write.

Samples of my professional work can be found on my website -

* I worked as a graphic designer for Creative Marketing Fix, a marketing startup in New Delhi, India (2013).
* I have modelled for Fabindia (Online, May 2013) and American Express (Print, October 2012).

* Presently, I serve as a part-time fashion photographer and graphic artist for Good Earth India, a garment exporter based in Noida, India.
​* I also manage The Mill, a pop-up fashion project based in New Delhi. To found out more, click here and here.
* I recently started work on my own clothing brand, called uff!.

* This is my Instagram.
* This is my clothing and print webstore.
​* You can find some of my fiction pieces by clicking here, here and here.
* This is SortaHot, the Youtube comedy channel.

Freelance queries? Feel free to contact me on email.

And of course - thanks for dropping by!

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