Akhilesh Nair

Software Engineer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Born on a cold 19th Feburary, 1986 in India and now I am 30. One of the luckiest persons on the earth to toy with programs and hundreds of lines of code, everyday...everynight. Yes, I am a programmer or in typical terms a "Software Engineer".

I belong to Kerala. Was born there but brought up in Jaipur, 'The Pink City'. Did my schooling from Tagore Public School, then my graduation from Maharaj's College and PG from RTU. Started my career as junior programmer php. Now its been 4 years in the field of IT and I am a Sr. Software Engineer (dont miss the Sr. ;)..)

things that keeping me alive:

mUsIc: I keep this saying all the time.."Music keeps me alive else I would have got married". :P Coldplay, One Republic, BSB, Westlife, Ronan Keating, Snow Patrol to name a few that keep the vibe in me...

dRiviNg: Love cars. My car is oxygen for me...Cant live without it. Few Dream rides to name Lamborghini galladro, Ford mustang GT, dodge SRT and nissan GTR.

gAdGets: A brand that can be trusted and relied on, Apple. Because An Apple a day keeps everything away. Miss you Sir Steve Jobs :(

Last but not the least: only child to an amazing parents :) and....hApiLLy UnMaRRiEd.......till date...:P

  • Education
    • Masters of Computer Applications