Akihiko Morita

Teacher and Writer in ニューヨーク, アメリカ合衆国

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After worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (1983-1995) and United Nations Development Programme in New York (1992-1994), I have engaged in several global campaigns about child rights as Head of the Communication Department of the Japan Committee for UNICEF (1998-2004).

Then, as Director of the Child Rights Center of the Save the Children Japan (2008-2010), I have engaged in the global campaign for realizing the 3rd Optional Protocol/CRC for Communication Procedures.

As a scholar, I have produced quite a few articles and books on human rights both in English and Japanese including the followings:

Collective Human Right to Collective Identity in Paul Tiedemann ed., Right to Identity (ARSP-Beihefte, volume 147)(Franz Steiner Verlag, Jan. 2016)

A neo-communitarian approach on human rights as a cosmopolitan imperative in East Asia, Filosofi a Unisinos, 13(3), Sep/Dec 2012(Dec,2012)

Difference in the Conceptions of Self as subject of human rights between the West and Japan - Can Confucian Self be strong enough to exercise the positive liberty in the authoritarian society ? in Thomas Bustamante and Oche Onazi eds., Rights, Language and Law (ARSP-Beihefte, volume 131)(Franz Steiner Verlag, March 2012)

Currently I am a visiting scholar to the Institute for the Study of Human Rights/Columbia University in New York, conducting research about philosophy of human rights and global education.