DJ Akikazu


2009年にDJキャリアを開始し、当初はハードテクノやシュランツを中心としてプレイしていた。2010年までの2年間で、浅草STELLAや三軒茶屋CHROMEなどのクラブ、また渋谷bar cacoiや池袋YOH-ON、中野FLOW CHARTなどのバーで開催されるパーティに出演。

2011年には、プレイジャンルをハウスへ転向。現在は浅草STELLAのレギュラーパーティ<HIKARI TOY>(偶数月第2土曜)にヘッドライナーDJとして出演するほか、自身でも青山trigramで<3306>(奇数月第3土曜)をオーガナイズ。さらに他パーティへのゲスト出演も精力的にこなし、毎月コンスタントにブースに立っている。


DJ Akikazu is a house music DJ, living in Kanagawa, Japan.

He started his DJ career in 2009 with hard techno and schranz styles of music. Until the end of 2010, he appeared on stage at clubs such as STELLA (Asakusa, Tokyo) and CHROME (Sangen-jaya, Tokyo), and bars like Cacoi (Shibuya, Tokyo), YOH-ON (Ikebukuro, Tokyo), FLOW CHART (Nakano, Tokyo), etc.

In 2011, he switched his primary genre to the house music. Lately he appears regularly not only as a headliner DJ at the party [HIKARI TOY] at STELLA, but also as a organizer of the party [3306] at TRIGRAM (Aoyama, Tokyo). With additional appearances at several other parties, he stands on the booth every month constantly.

With the UK house as his axis of the style, and crossing-over hard/garage/jazz/tech house musics, the keyword of his play can be determined as STYLISH, COOL, and HIGH-ENERGY. He is aiming to create smooth mixing, surprising theories, and the atmosphere that no one can help smiling and raising their hands.