Akili K. West

Washington, DC

Born and raised in the diverse political and socioeconomic climate of the Nation's Capitol, Akili West learned early of the marriage between legislation and business, and how to position one's interests for the opportunities which fiscal budgets create. An entrepreneur uniquely situated at the nexus of education, renewable energy policy, sustainable technology integration, and product and service delivery, Mr. West brings a well-rounded perspective to the business of national energy independence.

In November of 2008, West co-founded Reclamation Energy LLC (RE for short), an energy company infused with a mission to help Re-define, Re-energize and Re-claim how energy is viewed created, and used in the U.S. West fondly recalls RE 's nascent goals of becoming a "new type of energy company, one that helps bill payers save energy and money through holistic approaches to energy management, generation and procurement." Today his affiliated business and non-profit initiatives are redefining how energy and sustainability are represented and delivered.

In 2009 West was invited to the White House by the President's Council for Environmental Quality (CEQ) to meet with the Secretaries of Energy, Labor, Interior, and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Identified as one of 100 Emerging Leaders in the fields of Energy and the Environment, West and RE were asked by the CEQ to collaborate closely with the White House on ways to help inform, and bring awareness to the President's environmental and energy policy initiatives.

Often called upon by both the public and private sectors to contribute to the formulation of local, regional and national sustainability initiatives, West has consistantly been able to see ahead of the curve, where policy meets ground-floor opportunity. With a keen understanding of how legislation and policy initiatives create business and jobs, he has positioned RE to win key marketing, sales, public relations, and distribution contracts with innovative private sector clients.

Mr. West's full bio can be accessed online at www.scribd.com/akiliw Additional information about his affiliated initiatives can be accessed by clicking the links at the bottom of page.