Emma Akinyi


Emma Akinyi.

A Research assistant at Copenhagen Business School and currently reading C.S. Lewis

Was a masters student at Copenhagen Business School and I continue volunteering at Afrika Kontak- A not for profit organisation that works with capacity building and empowerment of grass-roots movements in Africa, as well as political lobbying and campaigning in partnership with people and organisations.

Copenhagen University as a part-time e-learning technician.

UNICEF Uganda as a consultant

ICRAF(International Center for Research and Agroforesty) Kenya as an I.T. Administrator

UNEP(United Nations Environmental Program) Nairobi

I love to read... and I do this a lot. I have a fondness for Italy-meaning its people and its' food, this has seen me traverse the country over the past few years.

I enjoy watching reruns of QI by Steven fry, monty python and occasionally catch the daily show online.

I try to shut off the television at least 80% of the time and I am currently trying to develop a love for the outdoors (Hard task for a city girl like me)

  • Education
    • Masters at copenhagen business school