Brian E.W. McNulty

I am the owner of American Knockout Wear, LLC (AKO Wear), an apparel company for the sports enthusiast. We started AKO to fulfill a passion of sports and to acknowledge those who are in the "shadows" making a difference in their own way. We all don't have to be stars, but we all can work towards becoming a star in our own eyes, as well as our families, friends and future acquaintances.

One great thing we do at AKO is to not only provide great apparel that has been thoughtfully produced, but to give back to our community by giving certain proceeds to charitable organizations each month. Currently, our charitable organizations consist of the Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville and the Lupus Foundation. By purchasing from our site, in stores or when you see us in person, you'll know you are helping great causes!

Having a background in self-defense, boxing and numerous sports it seemed a no-brainer to come up with an apparel line that represented my knowledge. We currently sponsor numerous MMA fighters, to include women and several Roller Derby leagues around the country. We are always looking for new ways to get our brand out and welcome all interested; especially strong women in America both physically and mentally!

Let's all become "American Knockout's" and celebrate who we are and who we can become! Visit us at or at our other social media sites shown below.

"Where Shadows Become Legends"TM