Akshay Gopalkrishnan

I think the most important thing in life is to try your best in everything you do so you can get the most out of what you do.

My first memory in school was the first day of elementary school in Kindergarten. I recall how in the morning I didn't utter a single word or sound until the afternoon when I got used to everything and everyone and started making new friends.

I think all my teachers were influential in a good and bad way because there were sometimes where I could always look up to them, or sad and horrible times when then would throw a fit. One vivid memory in 1st Grade was when after we did at least 100 good things during class, our teacher made for all of us apple pie. It was delicous!

During school, my four main friend's names where Chetan, Gaurav, Sahs, and Vishnu. I remember most how we used to laugh so hard during reccess because of all the jokes we told each other.

Thankfully, I didn't get bullied during school becuase everyone im my school was so nice. I tried to treat people to the best of my accomadations, but sometimes I would get a little of the hook.

My mom is a doctor who is outgoing, intelligient, and caring. She always helps me on problems that need to be fixed. My dad is a strong, hillarious, and motivational. He always takes me to my basketball games and watches sports with me. My sister, Kalpana, is a crazy, smart, and funny person. Suprisingly, my sister and I get along together very well.

My mom said that we should always try our best in everything we can do so we build up confidence which leads to getting smarter.

I am generous, thankful, and a leader. I have learned that I am a leader when I always here my mom say that I am a leader.

I would like to change my satisfaction as a person because I am a perfectionist and I think everything needs to be perfect in order to be successful.

I have learned that you have to be social, cheerful, and funny in order to get along along with anybody.

My goal in middle school is to get good grades and try hard in everything. In high school, I want to be on the track and basketball team, and after high school I want to play college basketball so I can get to the professional level.

I plan to obtain these goals are by getting good grades, practicing, and doing the best I can. That way, nothing will be able to stop me form success.