A.K. Sinha

Founder & MD, Science Efforts Education. in Bhopal, India

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"think different"

A.K. Sinha is an Educational Researcher and Educator. Who is the Founder & MD of Science Efforts Education.

Journey started in year 2016 by MR. ABHISHEK KUMAR SINHA to shred all technology learning prescription and constitute entirely a new path to success.

As an Educator, in the regular experience of his study and during teaching the students he feel and found there are many problems of basic concepts in the students. Due to this a lot of mistakes is be done by students during solving Engineering problems. That's why he decided to provide a Quality Education in the field of Engineering and founded "SCIENCE EFFORTS" where students may get quality education and achieve their goal.

Developing talented engineers is indirectly developing country stronger. An ENGINEER is the backbone of any progressive country. Discovery and invention, the great word followed by the engineers and always finding new possibilities is a habit to propagate more and more.Our aim is pure to give quality education in the field of “ENGINEERING” and to develop consciousness in student to think beyond imagination.

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