David Rogers aka "AL the X"

Web Developer, Technical Trainer, and Consultant in Raleigh, North Carolina

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HI, I'm David.

I get to build little parts of the internet everyday using the power of my mind, lots of typing, and conversations. Swearing occasionally helps. I help run community events and teach people. I like to spend time with my kids and family and getting to know other people.

Some people call me a "web developer", but I consider myself an "Internet Application Developer" instead. I don't really make websites (although I can); I build systems that automate key business operations. Most of them live on the web and interact with people through the browser, so I guess you can call them "websites" if you want.

I'm well-versed in lots of server-side and client-side technologies. I like Python when I can get it, but I'm pretty good with JavaScript and most C-type languages. I like to write clean, objective, tested code and take pragmatic approaches to solving problems. I insist on source control for every project and use agile processes inspired by Scrum and XP with stories, points, and iterations.

I have experience all over the stack, from designing and implementing server clusters and high-availability infrastructure, configuring and administrating individual servers, setting up continuous integration and deployment systems, all the way to sketching wireframes and writing the CSS to make the interfaces. Years of freelancing have also taught me how to look at the Big Picture, extract requirements from others' heads, draw diagrams and describe everything, and think about financials, billing, and bottom dollar.

I also enjoy teaching and mentoring others, which can sometimes lead me to "explain things" that you might already know or don't care about. Stop me if this offends you; I'm trying to improve. I've been a professional instructor in both public and private education, and I'd like to write a book or two eventually. I'm constantly learning new languages and technologies and expanding my understanding of the ones I already know.

  • Work
    • Pendo.io
  • Education
    • Mostly Self-Taught
    • Clemson University
    • The Internet