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Alaa Sayegh

Beirut, Lebanon

I’m the guy who is willing to sacrifice anything and everything to build something out of nothing, and if it turns into nothing, wash, rinse, and repeat.
I'm always looking for creative projects to work on! Currently, Karmit is all I see and work on. By cofounding Karmit, I aim to take part of re-designing the way brands communicate with their audience. I want to revolutionize how brands target their audience. With Karmit, I aim to help brands value users’ moments and be part of their users’ achievements.
Redefining how brands communicate with target audience via mobile and social networks is my dream.
What if karma meets social networks? Would this redefine how brands are communicating with their audience? That’s my lead motivation.
I believe in people even when they cease to believe in themselves. I encourage people to start their own businesses and try to take part of the change and not just being spectators.
I believe in the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people while building your startup. I never do it alone, but rather hang with the right people. This way, we are far more capable and powerful than we ever could have been alone. I find my tribe and work together to make a difference in all of our lives; I love it when people join me in my journey. Great things happen!
But hey, I still have friends who still don’t really know what I do, and I love those friends and by the way, my dad is one of those people. Hey Dad!