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Hadi Alaee


He was born in July 1989 in a small mountain city in Iran located in the Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari region from a family of expert scientists and artists. His father Haji Rajabali is a famous, well known and qualified teacher of this city. His mother belongs to the prodigious Broujen Shirani family whose components were famous in the fields of science and literature.The young Hadi always attended prestige schools, continuing his education at a high rank university graduating in mechanical engineering.His enthusiasm for music and instruments goes back to his early age and this brought him to start learning and playing Persian Tar under the teaching of Professor Atari.But his interests are spread in several fields, from photography to computer science, web design and also foreign languages.His career started in the marketing field where he could develop his experience as selling and marketing assistant.Hadi, being very smart and highly educated has a great potential to have a great career before him.

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    • CEO on
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    • mechanical engineer