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Alain Bruno

Alain Bruno is a North America charismatic television and film actor and could be referred to a chameleon once the lights turn he easily deliver strong performances for comedy, drama , action movies and television series.

He is known to be an entertainer and a people man. Alain appeared in several Television series and film since 2001. He is versatile and hard worker with strong stage instinct, he was also told that he was a sound visionary. He fluently speaks French, English and Creole with a sweet adapted accent, a sound of his own appreciated by producers and audience.

Tall, fit and handsome, Alain has a great team working attitude and always prepares his character for a role. His inspirations to pursue an acting career are Denzel Washington, Sidney Poitier and of course Idris Elba and he look forward to becoming very hot in the industry.

Alain is a veteran semi -professional hockey player, certified scuba diver, performance driving (Rally driver, Speed Racing, Motorcycle,). He enjoys body building and Golf.

father of 2 beautiful daughters, lives in a suburb of Montreal with his family; soon moving to Los Angeles where there are opportunities building to meet lucky people that will open him the "door" to help him to fluffily realize his actor career. To future producers and directors, meet him will confirm proverb "Meet him and adopt him" it's a sure value.

And more about Him is that Alain Bruno is also a Savvy entrepreneur .

In 2008 He promoted an online tv software for the Beijing Olympics that people could watch tv on there PC and his web site was ranked first for several days for the keywords,amazing !! .But there is more to him, and it is there for you to discover. What this savvy entrepreneur can help you with or simply guide you, using is knowledge , network and wisdom.It can be for your virtual E- business strategy , online affiliate network , real estate investing or for just a consultation. Alain Bruno has given more than 100 consultations for several entrepreneurs and businesses.