Alaine Feliciano

You might find me picking book at the classic literature, fiction or horror section of a bookstore. Neil Gaiman and Stephen King books are my fairy tales growing up. I also kept comics of Betty and Veronica, Archie and Friends, and Marvel.

Sometimes my table often is messed up with watercolors, oil pastels, brushes and pencils. I have always wanted to study calligraphy. And I take too many portraits of other people, very few of my own, plenty of landscapes and moments I wish to last. But writing will always be my first love.

Wednesday Addams is never complete without her Marie Antoinette doll. I have a wonderful doll named Kendra. I got her pagan name from a witch character and my favorite children's book. We love anything that sparkles, from fairy lights, fireworks to jack o lanterns.

I am a self-confessed introvert who prefers to spend time with my two dogs or read books. But to get me into a conversation please open up about films, politics, photography, pets or gardening. And oh, I have a very poor eyesight for two years now and pardon me if I never get to so say hi first.