Alain van der Gugten

A long, long time ago... In a hospital there was the birth of a boy who's name would be the same of the name above this little piece of text... That boy was me.

Okay, no more information of that part, mostly because I don't remember the details... I'm a student (well, at the moment I am) and I'm studying Mediatechnology in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. You know... That country that got second at the Football World Cup 2010, the one with the ninja kick etc.

I like music, writing, designing, coding, video editing, get inspirated, inspirate, movies and having fun with friends. I enjoy freedom, I don't like to be limited... I want to change things, I want to be a part of something. Achieve something.

Anything missing or do you have a question? You can contact me by visiting or send me an email directly.