Alan Richardson

Data Operations and Project Manager in Sydney, Australia

Alan Richardson

Data Operations and Project Manager in Sydney, Australia

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Make things + make things happen in and out of line shape and space.

Trade carpenter who always had a hand in construction detailing and design. Never afraid of thing out loud and an active lifelong learner of project management in diverse and regulated environments.

Now a trusted "Commercial and Industrial Operative" using highly valued experience, skills and commercial smarts in projects delivering change or improvement by attitude, design or script with particular focusing on energy efficiency, demand response and renewables.

Called upon to work at the centre of data integration, data engineering, data quality and data security/privacy. This plays out with me at Haron Robson tuning industrial data for measurement and verification of energy and renewables procurement, certificate creation and trade in the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme.

Other ways I am putting my time to good use:

Business Partner in RNR Safety providing safe rail working services and solutions to BHPBIO and FMG in the Pilbara WA since 2012. Successful in 2015 achieving BHPBIO Approved Vendor Status.

Other ways I would like to put my time to good use:

Designing a new homebuilding process (experience) delivered on site in a compact mobile production facility which transforms 3D digital components into exact physical components. The process will avoid complex logistics and the expense of a factory prefabricated house.

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