Alan Aragon

Hi there! I'm a results oriented creative, who simply loves to make things happen & make them work. Have been working as Freelance/Open Graphic Designer & Online Business Starter for over 5 years, besides some corporate experience, as Communications Leader for a Global BPO Company - in the Latin America Region.

I'm the Creative Director & Founder of Afterlife Studio, 656 Magazine,,, and co-founder of Even-tough I'm mostly specialized on web and marketing affairs, I recognize that my biggest passion comes from starting things from scratch. I like to think I'm strong at mixing up technical knowledge with creative skills... expecting unique ideas as the average outcome.

I love what I do... and I always try to do thigs right at the first time, for 2 reasons...

1) I think It's the best cost-benefit solution for my customers and for me.

2) I love to have personal time!


+Some years of experience managing both internal/external marketing and communication strategies.

+Some time working with companies - most at BPO & crowd-sourcing industries on a global environment.

+ Focused on leadership development since few years ago

+ Graphic Design school - as background

+ Most of my day time is invested on rehearsing and learning more about the industries I love: design, marketing, communication, new media, productivity, and Online businesses.