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Research Executive in California

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Updated 2021 June 29 California

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MERLIN Echo - Scientific extra-sensory telepathy technology research (TREK) for Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon.

Project Merlin Echo is a paranormal radionics quantum entanglement research project in extrasensory perception telepathy to invite the mile-wide triangular aerodyne of 1997 March 13 to arrive above the oceans of the Pacific Ocean near California covering the entire daytime sky. Merlin Echo is researching the unexplained advanced technology of mile-wide silent triangular aerial objects encountered by over 10,000 citizens of Arizona from March 13, 1997. Scientific research telemetry monitoring will be equipped with electroencephalogram using Emotiv Insight Brainwear® for telepathy extra-sensory perception for quantum entanglement radionics intention device research (wishing machine). In modern physics the later relating to quantum entanglement of a global consciousness with Thomas Young's double-slit interferometer experiment in year 1803.

ALAN ARQUEZA - Digital mural paintings by Alan Arqueza for pre-order. Executive Research Blog YouTube Profile.

Art gallery directors may commission Alan Arqueza for photography and video directing projects.

My photography at freelancer.

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    • Social Media Entrepreneur
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    • Academy of Art University, San Francisco