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Alan M. Wright

Baltimore, MD

I'm passionate about creating change. What's most meaningful to me is developing ideas, plans, or products that have real social impacts. Impacts that ultimately improve our communities and daily life.

As a management consultant, I help organizations work more effectively and achieve better results. I'm currently working with FEMA to improve disaster resilience through technology, data and integrated strategy. I've also been a researcher at a major DC think tank, ensuring public policy achieves meaningful outcomes. I'm always looking to talk to people about the cool things they're working on. So let's connect.

I was born in Brazil, but raised in MD (Go 'Skins!). I just moved to Baltimore with my lovely wife and our sweet mutt, Little Man (yes, that's his name). And I love the city. Best part may be how folks from Bawlmore rep their home town hard--it's infectious. My interests include travel, sports, bourbon and good conversation.

  • Work
    • Hassett Willis and Company
  • Education
    • University of Maryland, College Park