Alan Lloyd Phillips Jr

Web Developer, Consultant, and Artist in East Hartford, Connecticut

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I'm a Web Designer, Fractal Artist, Poet, SysAdmin, Researcher, Big Thinker, Dreamer and an INFJ living amongst the cows and corn fields of Connecticut. I’ve been an Internet user and self taught computer enthusiast since 1993. I also have a deep familiarity with hacker subculture and dabble in cyber security.

"I'm like the weather... mostly sunny with a chance of Ego."

"A difference in measure is a difference in perspective."

"Nature is balanced. It's people that see black or white; only 'this way' or 'that way', without realizing what they perceive is illusory."

"As Transconscious Attunement Engines, all things that are thinkable are possible. It's just a matter of time (duration) and frequency (vibration)."

"Nothing is ever lost in the Universe, only transformed."

  • Education
    • Branford Hall, Windsor, CT