Alan Weinkrantz

San Antonio & Tel Aviv

Alan Weinkrantz

San Antonio & Tel Aviv

Tech PR / Startup Communications Strategies - Senior Advisor and Brand Ambassador - James Brehm & Associates.

I have a strong track record of helping clients align their business and communications strategy in order to create value, thought leadership, and industry recognition.

Beginning with the rise of the personal computer revolution in the late 1970’s, I’ve been fortunate to work with the marketing and engineering teams who developed, or were part of…

- the standards that enabled the transmission of data through wireless networks

- the development of computer networking

- one of the first Internet cafes in the world

- the rise of computer security

- the commercialization of VoIP

- the creation of the WiFi standard

- the deployment of IPTV

- a new wired home network standard known as

- the world’s first Windows-based true multi-touch tablet PC…

….and many other transformational technologies that are now considered mainstream.

  • Education
    • Antioch College