Alaska Puf

About Us :

Established in 2008, Alaska Puf Industries is a premier Ahmedabad based Manufacturer, Supplier and Trader of Thermal Insulation Products. Beginning with small footprint, we have grown in terms of size, volumes of products we produce as well as the sophistication (but excellent price range) of our product portfolio.

Product Range:

PUF Panels
Polyurethane Foam
Enicoat 30-36
Rigid Polyurethane Foam
PU Foam Pipe Sections
PU Foam Pre-Fabricated Sandwich Panel
PU Foam Pipe Supports

Our Team:

At Alaska Puf Industries, we have close to 101 members to about 500 people as associated service partners. We are a dedicated team of members from technicians to skilled labor force who at each stage of production of the insulation products offer dedicated and meritorious service to ensure high quality insulation products that answer every specific need in the industry.

Industries We Serve:

Power plants

Cement plants

Chemical processing plants

Pharmaceuticals plants

Dairy plants

Fish Processing plants

Air conditioning

Civil engineering

Why Us?:

Of our convenient payment modes

Our commitment to deliver products on time

We are offer customized solutions

Offer PUF in-situ jobs

Have a committed workforce

Committed customer care service

Product Range ;

Polyurethane Foam Sheets

PU Foam Pipe Supports

Rigid Polyurethane Foam

PU Foam Pipe Section

Air Leakage Sealant

PU Foam Pipe

Foam Insulation Services

PU Foam Sandwich Panel

Extend PUF Panels

Insulated Panel