asmaa alatawna


D’origine palestinienne, je vis en France depuis 2002. Je suis d’une famille bédouine, qui a émigré à Gaza en 1948. Je me suis enfuie de la maison et la société pour tracer mon chemin vers ma propre liberté. J'ai passe toutes les épreuves d’humiliation, menaces et difficultés d’adaptions dans la nouvelle culture ‘’française’’ qui est totalement différente de la mienne pour pouvoir enfin me construire librement.

Deux femmes françaises, Gaby Etchebarne et Cathy Mayor, ont récolte mon témoignage ainsi que les témoignages d'autres femmes du monde entier dans le livre Les chemins de l'exil (2009. ed. Empreinte)


I was born in winter 1978 more precisely in a small refugee camp in Gaza. Life in Gaza is like being in a big prison with an open sky.

My life was full of surprises and periods of transformation, where I used determination and hope as magical sticks to transform misery into a nice and beautiful dream

From one exile to another I never stopped shaping my life, adding new experiences which helped me a lot in becoming open minded and feel less and less attached to things or places.

It made me felt that I am belonging to everywhere I go and I am a human being without any kind of external manipulation caused by society, religion, tradition, family, nationality or race. I am just me with my defaults and qualities.

From Gaza, I had moved to UAE then to Europe and I am planning to go on moving from one place to another following the wind of life.

During the voyage inside myself trying to find a sense somewhere, I discovered many things like absurdity, craziness and ''let it go'' philosophy!

I stopped everywhere catching life and people life details and now I realise the importance of sharing them.


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