Alba Leal Martín

Alba Leal is a television news producer who was seduced by technology in 1996, when she was assigned to manage TeleOnce (Now Univison Puerto Rico) online portal.

Since then, she has worked planning, building, launching and promoting high-profile dotcoms, including various online platforms for Puerto Rico's media consortium Grupo Ferre-Rangel, for whom she worked for 10 years.

She continued her career as a Managing Partner of Aranay Technology Corp, a technology firm specializing on client-server software, web-based applications, content management systems, and mobile applications.

Alba has been actively involved in the development of Puerto Rico's digital industry as board member of the Internet Society of Puerto Rico and as member and former President of the Society of Marketing Exeutives (SME) Digital Committee.

Her contagious enthusiasm for technology has made her a sought-after speaker at many local professional events. She has also been a University professor.

Alba holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Broadcasting from Loyola University Chicago and an MBA in Marketing from University of Phoenix.