Albert Orr Cape Coral

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Albert Orr has an admirable career in culinary arts. His career is a reflection of his dedication, passion, and a focus on the goal. In high school, Albert was already winning awards in culinary arts. While studying at Morgan County High School in Madison Georgia, he got awarded for excellence in culinary arts through the 3-year pathway program. This acted as a stepping stone to seeking more knowledge in the culinary arts. For instance, he successfully completed his capstone project in culinary arts at the St. Johnsbury Academy, while also amassing necessary experience at the school’s restaurant. His pursuit for knowledge and skills has also seen him enroll at New England Culinary Institute where he got even more skilled in the culinary arts. Albert has over time put his skills to good use. He has worked as an intern at the culinary internship program at South Seas Resort in Captiva Island Florida. At the moment, he works at the Gulf Coast Village in Cape Coral, and he is quite successful at his work. So successful that he has been named employee of the month several times. Outside of work, Albert loves Golf, soccer, and never misses an opportunity to enjoy karaoke sessions with friends and family.