Albert Güell Juanola

Writer, Editor, and e-learning in Barcelona, Espanya

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I have a Degree in Humanities (UOC) and certificated as a specialist in audio-visualproduction (EMAV) and Photography (IEFC). Currently (2017) I'm studying an University Master's Degree in Education and ICTs (UOC).

For many years that, from the production and commercial management of audio-visual media, I moved to "the world of paper." I must say that despite the weak appearance of this material, I’m convinced that the paper, when inhabited by ideas, becomes an alloy of diamond hardness. In this "world of paper" I write stories and novels and I also make historical research, write and edit editorial and educative projects for companies, foundations and museums.

On the next semester (Sept 17 / Feb 18) I'll work on my research in order to complet my Universty master's degree project. I'm very excited because I'll it do according with the MNAC (The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya) and I'll develop an e-learning project for them.

I have a great concern for the arts and the creation and transmission of knowledge.