AlbeRto CoVaRRubias


My name is AlbeRto

I love to help people improve their lives and their businesses. Pretty much I enjoy seeing people succeed and so I dedicated myself to learning about how to help get people from point A to point B. And if I don't have expertise in a certain area I direct people to someone that has the information that can help them.

Right now I am focused on helping women empower themselves by first coaching them on how to lose weight so that they can get into their sexy summer clothes that they dream of wearing with total confidence.

I like to see myself as a RockStar, BaddAss and SuperStar because I believe in having fun, living life to the fullest by being present in the moment and chasing and achieving the outcomes and goals that I want.

I believe also in living life on my terms and so I dilgently create and design the life I want to live and not by what most of society tries to impose and what is normal. I am not normal and never have been. And I'm also far from perfect. But that is what makes my life so darn interesting to me and adventuresome.

I rather streamline my life and avoid as much clutter as possible and not buy material things that won't last and rather focus on spending my money and time on creating experiences that are meaningful to me that I will remember for the remaining years of my life.

It took me a while to learn this and still have my hangups but I refocus and realize that life is so very short and we will never be here again and that is what makes each moment so beautiful and why I make every moment matter.

If you would like to learn more about me and how I live my life and how I am doing things everyday to improve my communication, leadership and lifestyle and business then visit me at if you are a women and if you are a man you can visit me at where I will soon have on that website links to my projects that will help improve your life one day at a time.

I'd like to leave you off with this. Life is what you decide to make it. Live your life on your terms and go after your goals. Don't leave it up to a college professor or old teachers and maybe even your parents because they may all be wrong and trying to protect you from getting hurt and they may mean well but in the process keep your true self bottled up inside.

And you don't want to regret your life not lived up to the max. So create your adventure and