Alberto Ciani

Consultant, ceo, and Small Business Owner in Udine, Italia

Hi there! I am the chief executive officer at and proudly an amazing company for those wishing a superb life-style experience for their destination wedding in Italy. Previsoulsly, I had two successful and very formative experiences as the business development director in two diverse ventures in the real estate: Alpenrose Immobilien Gmbh and Edes Arch Srl. I am a business consultant for small and medium companies with interests in business development, change management, holistic marketing, leadership, organizational design, and innovation.

I am a Master of Business Administration from the Management school of the University of Liverpool and I have a post-graduated diploma in Luxury Brand Management at the London School of Business and Finance. Several other shorter programmes refined my interests in management, entrepreneurship, leadership, and marketing.

Privately, I was born in Udine, a small city near Venice and I am currently living here with my family. I love my beautiful wife, my job, as well love writing poems, poetry and novels (been published sometimes in the past), love my piano, my tennis racket, my running shoes, my skies, my backpack and, most of all, my family. I am always happy to connect and share ideas.

  • Work
    • Wedding Italy - CEO
  • Education
    • University of Liverpool
    • London School of Business and Finance