Albert Paramito

health, Technology, and Designer in United States

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Albert Paramito is an entrepreneur in healthcare mobility, leading a new team of executives in a startup called Medshifts. He has the ability to foresee new market trends in business. In his past, he operated three financial companies with offices across the US, Canada & Mexico, with assets totalling over 1 billion dollars. That all changed once the Great Recession hit, and financial markets dried up. Albert learned a lot from that pivotal point in his life, which included controversy surrounding one of his executive's actions at his Canadian company.

As a serial entrepreneur he wants to bring his experience and skills in developing new technology. Those technologies will give people more control and better access to healthcare. In addition, it will lend way to enhance communication between stakeholders, a key component to transforming the industry.

Personally, Albert has a passion for food, health, travel and family. Often asked for cooking recipes from his family and friends, he decided to post cooking demonstrations on YouTube. He enjoys traveling and working out every day at the gym, a form of meditation that he encourages most people to take up in order to better their health.

At age 45, he has only started his journey, more focused and determined to bring his dreams to life.

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