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Albert Paramito

health, Technology, and Designer in the United States

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Albert Paramito is a serial entrepreneur with startup internet companies.He is developing The Real LUX and Medshifts, with regional partners in the Greater Philadelphia and New York markets. He has the ability to foresee new market trends in business, with a personal goal to improve humanity, through technology and commerce. After graduating from the University of Philadelphia and living abroad, I developed a successful startup company in the financial services industry. Turning my bedroom into an office, I went from a small startup with one employee, to having offices across the US, Canada & Mexico, with assets totaling over 1 billion dollars. That all changed once the Great Recession hit, and financial markets dried up. I learned a lot from that pivotal point in my life, and decided to develop companies, that can not only be financially successful but also help people improve their lives.

I was fascinated by technology, from the first time my father brought home our first IBM PC. Since then, technology has only made life more convenient. As the son of a jewelry designer, I have an obsession for product design and how people interact with those products. I am in fact a perfectionist with products and services we. Designing new technology, and systems allows for us to help our business partners, improving upon their customer experience.

Personally, I have a passion for food, design, luxury brands, health, travel and family. I enjoy traveling and working out daily at the gym, along with my form of meditation, contributing to a path of good health. The one thing you should know about me, is that "Time" is the most important business asset I possess and unless otherwise created by an act of god, I am faithfully on time for meetings.

At the age of 45, I have only begun my journey, more focused and determined than ever to bring my vision fourth with The Real LUX and Medshifts, Inc. Contact me anytime.

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