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Hancock County, Mississippi is the first County in the State of MS. Hancock County was named after the United States Founding Father, John Hancock.
The region which includes what-is now Hancock County was acquired by France in 1699. Because of its accessibility to the Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans specifically, by the 1870s Hancock County featured more wonderful housing per capita than every other County in the United States.
Bay St. Louis is the County Seat. The largest communities in Hancock County are comprised ofcontain Bay St. Louis, Waveland, Diamondhead, and Kiln.
Based on the United States Census Bureau, the populace of Hancock County in 2013 was 45,566. Hancock County gets the eighth highest income per capita in the State of Mississippi.
On April 7th, 1798, the United States Congress established the Mississippi Territory including all the territory that presently comprises the States of both Mississippi and Alabama.
Mississippi grew to bocome a State in Dec. of 1817. The first action of the Mississippi legislature was to incorporate the town of Bay St. Louis to become the Capital of the State. However, a couple of hours after Bay St. Louis was named the Capital of Mississippi, a vote was cast that designated Natchez as the State Capital. 2 yrs later, the Capital was moved to Jackson where it remains today.
A passenger railway line was completed in 1870 between Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana. Travel time from New Orleans to Bay St. Louis now required a little over 1 hour. Commuter trains ran consistent schedules and by 1875, there had been 22 scheduled arrivals in Bay St. Louis.
Bay St. Louis in Hancock County quickly turned out to be the prominent vacation destination on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Every Friday, through the summer months, lots of New Orleanians journeyed by railway to visit The Bay for going swimming parties on the seashore. By 1900 there were at least 12hotels in Bay St. Louis and many were surprisingly large.
Until 1930, Hancock County powered the biggest lumber mill on this planet which was based in Kiln, Mississippi. This lumber mill produced an astounding 150,000 board feet of yellow pine lumber per day.
Traveling down Real Estate Hancock County MS is a fantastic adventure. Beach Boulevard was previously known as Old Highway 1. Beach Boulevard runs p