Al Bsharah

Al Bsharah is the Co-Founder & CEO of Email Copilot (previously Embarke). Life has taken him from an Electrical Engineer at Chrysler in Detroit to a multi-time CEO and entrepreneur in San Diego. He’s started his own e-commerce company, was the 2nd employee at a SaaS organization that was acquired, and is now the CEO of Email Copilot after graduating both TechStars and The Founder Institute. He started coding at age 10 on an Apple ][+, but his career took him down a business path. He’s business-minded, yet technically-inclined, and loves to play 2-man beach volleyball. He has a dog, wife, and 9-month old boy that keep him (in)sane.

Email Copilot
Wonder if your marketing or transactional emails are getting to the inbox? We tell you in real-time and show you how to fix any issues.

Graduate: TechStars + Founder Institute

Beach Volleyball Fanatic