Alcy Meehan

Full Time Student and Part Time Favorite Child in Geelong, Australia

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I like this photo. But not because of the subject (who looks great) or the colours (which are great) or the memories it evokes (again all great). I like it because (and yes I'm about to get a little pretentious) it's an impressive metaphor for how I want to live. Constantly remembering to enjoy life's moments of beauty and small pleasures before my time is up. (Yikes! Was that unique and relatable enough for you, Best Bio Tips man?)

At this point in my life I'm working towards an undergrad degree in Psychology and Media studies (and no, I still have no idea what I'm going to do after I finish, sorry mum).

Currently my goals consist of;

a) Completing my Bachelors to my highest standard.

and b) Mastering Ed's "Thinking out loud" on the piano.

(But TBH I give that second one a week before I throw in the towel).

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