Aldelm John Ferriols


• Hearty, frank, decisive, a leader in activities
• Well informed and enjoy adding knowledge.
• Organizes and structures the world according to logical principles, tending to control life - organizing systems and people to meet task oriented goals and trying to improve the way things are done.

• Likes making decisions on the basis of logic, using objective considerations - Is concerned with truth, principles and justice - Is analytical and critical, tending to see the flaws in situations - Takes an objective approach - organizes life in a logical basis, classifying, ordering, and directing facts and situations - being decisive, with the aim of being just and fair.

• Comfortable with conflicts as a way of resolving problems - •

• Takes an impersonal approach, focusing more on systems and organizational needs than each individuals' feelings - Focuses the (outer world) Thinking on creative decisions that lead to change and new possibilities - Orchestrating the outward organization in support of some overall purpose or strategy My classic temperament is Promethean, or Phlegmatic, which is a basic driving force is the search for competence or excellence.

In a team environment

• focus on the task to be achieved and keeping the team on track

• provide a drive to complete the task on time and to a high quality

• shapes team structures to best serve the team objectives - Uses analytical and critical skills to solve problems

• Ensures short term tasks are in harmony with the strategy - Sorts out confusion and ambiguity - Involves people who are competent in relevant skills, and ensuring everyone knows what they have to do

  • Work
    • PCM Manila
  • Education
    • Veritas Parochial School
    • Liceo de San Pedro
    • Manresa School
    • Philippine Women's University
    • The Philippine Women's University