Aldo Knox

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Over 7 years of solid experience in the auto locksmithing industry. Acknowledged as being a purposeful specialist that gives over 150% labor in everything and finishing with extra attention to safety.
Regularly learning new techniques to advance my understanding as a vehicle locksmith to help make sure that the customers's homes and companies are protected 24/7.
I am excelling at conferring adequately with a wide range of persons in intricate situations.

I have acquired solid practice in installing, rekeying and repairing almost any kind of lock, including reinstalling high security locks and GM PassKey keys duplication.
Nicknamed " locksmith Ontario, CA ", I have carried out thousands works that required a qualified Ontario locksmith.


Install various kinds of safes

Fit GM PassKey keys

Give rekey services for all locks and deadbolts (rather than changing the entire lock)

Make all keys for switch

Repair all commercial security devices

Fixing locks of all brands including slotted cash box and small size cabinet safe

Open almost any car, be it 1969 Fiat 124 Saloon, Hyundai, 2003 Toyota MR2 Cabriolet or any other car

Past workplaces:

Ontario Locksmith Security - Ontario CA (Apr 2006 - Present)

Ontario Locksmith Security - Ontario CA (April 2000 - March 2007)

Colony High School - Ontario (August 1992 - Nov 1997)