alec whaite

Born Eduardo Alejandro Whaite Paredes in Caracas, Venezuela, on August 9, 1990 to Eduardo II Whaite and Julieta Paredes. Alec, spent his entire childhood in Venezuela although from early ages he traveled quite a lot because of his father's profession: an aircraft pilot. He attended Institutos Educacionales Asociados High School, where he occasionally performed in school plays and from which he graduated with honors in 2008. Alec struggled to decide where he would go then, and resisted family pressures of attending a business school in the United States of America. Instead, he decided to attend the United World College of the Atlantic where he would repeat his last two years of high school in order to obtain the International Baccalaureate. The only difference was that he had the chance to take Theatre as a subject and experience it for the very first time. As his passion for acting, films and theatre grew stronger, Alec, had the opportunity to appear on Bernard Rose's film Mr. Nice (2010) in a scene with Rhys Ifans, that didn't show in the film's final cut, unfortunately. Soon after, Whaite had the chance to audition for another film,Ironclad (2011) after he had gone to producer Rick Benattar to ask him personally if he could be part of it, despite not being supported by his boarding school. He got a very small role in one of the film's most important scenes where he then met actors Paul Giamatti and Brian Cox. Shortly after having experienced the filming Alec decided to apply for drama school and is now training at the London Central School of Speech and Drama.