Alecx Stasko

Graphic Designer and User Experience Designer in Columbus, Ohio

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I'm Alecx with a "C". I know it's weird, you can blame my mother. It makes stalking me on the internet easy which has its perks. However, do you know how depressing it is never being able to buy souvenirs on trips with your name on it? Well let me tell you it is not the cats pajamas, or the bees knees, or whatever those damn youngsters are saying these days. Anyways, enough about my life crippling insecurities. I am a Designer / Photographer / Copywriter / Lion Tamer / Part-Time Astronaut. Okay, I lied. Only three of those things are true you can choose which ones. I am currently studying at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Have I been blabbing? I have? Damn, well that's enough about me, Tell me about you. Let's grab a drink.