Aleisha Aldcroft

Writer in Auckland, New Zealand

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I'm a New Zealand native who left my home to explore the world thoroughly at my own accord. Growing up in the scenically beautiful Rotorua I'm just a little obsessed with the magic of nature so getting lost in the rain forest of an exotic country is what I call fun!

In 2015 after three years of studying I graduated university with a degree in Communications. With my assigned future firm in my hands I realized I wasn't ready to commit to 'office' life. So I did what any sane person would and called it quits on conventional and brought a one way ticket to the nomad trail.

Ive been traveling for over three months now and my adventure has no end date in sight and as long as I'm happy I'll call the road my home.

I started blogging to document my travels and help lost travelers find adventure, and so if anyone asked what I'm doing with my expensive degree I can say "I'm a travel writer" haha!

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