Alekhya Adiraju

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Alekhya Adiraju

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India


So, you already know my name!

I love dancing and performing and I also love acting in both theatre and films. I'm a Potterhead and Directioner and I'm a big movie buff! I love hanging out with my friends and I'm always up for something interesting and adventurous. I'm also an avid book-reader and I love intriguing books which has a lot of twists and turns, mostly based in Fantasy backgrounds, you know, like Harry Potter & Percy Jackson. I like to read other books too, which are interesting and have a strong plot.

I'm a hipster-tomboy, who'd be happier to wear a pair of jeans or shorts, rather than a glamorous dress. However, I like wearing dresses once in a while, not everytime and everywhere. I prefer to spend my time listening to music, dancing, acting, playing, or hanging out with my friends rather than going for a shopping spree, getting my nails and hair done, applying makeup or gossiping about someone's boyfriend or girlfriend.

I love reading fan-fictions on various websites and I try to imagine myself in those situations, in the shoes of the characters in there. Oh I wish I was in their place!

I a 14-year old right now, and I celebrate my birthday on August 9th and....guess what? I'M A LEO! I love being a Leo because it brings out the best in me!

I'm basically an Indian, from Hyderabad.

I plan to study English Literature in New York City. (And maybe, acting too, who knows?)

And pursue dance, acting and theater arts in either California Hollywood or NYC! They're my most favorite cities in the world!

So, that was me! Anything you'd like to know about me and ask me anything, please feel free!

Hasta La Vista! Adios!

  • Education
    • St.Ann's High School