Pav Aleksandruk



I'm a blogger and Geek.Startups, Growth Hacking and Digital Lifestyle enthusiast

I like to play with:

Growth Hacking - automation, data, cloud, technical marketing, coding, business grow, email marketing and more.

I design and develop blogs (using mainly WordPress CMS engine). I've done some design and implementation of ecommerce, online forums and communities websites all based on WordPress platform.

I'm a serial startuper with various projects on the go. Interested in early-stage startups, crowdfunding, outsourcing and freelance.

Recently I get hooked-up on coding in RoR as well as jQuery, HAML, SASS, CSS, and few more technologies and app/web development using Agile/Scrum.

I'm a geek, and I love to play with new technology.


Growth Hacking, Automation, IA, Big Data, Blogging, Email Marketing, Project Management,Onbarding, Inbound and Outbound Marketing, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing (SMM), SEO, Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, PPA, WordPress, RoR, java, HAML, SASS, CSS, jQuery

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    • Growth Hacker
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