Aleksey Osipchuk

Meridian Idaho

CONTACT INFO: ❌ iPhone: 1 (208) 850-5026 ♠️ MagicJack: *0109151308* ♥️ TextMe: 1 (208) 625-2957 ♦️ Skype: 1 (208) 629-4520 ✖️ aim:goim?screenname=alekseyosipchuk ➕ Google : AlekseyOsipchuk? ☑️ Facebook: ✉️ Email: PREFACE: I'm 28 years old and I was originally born September 12, 1985 in Rovno, Ukraine before moving to the U.S. in 1992. Yes, I still have a slight Ukrainian accent but it's hardly noticeable to most individuals. ABOUT ME: About me and how I really am as a person. In most cases, I am a very cheerful person. I'm predictably unpredictable and simple in a convoluted way. Incredibly undeceive, shy yet social at the same time. Yes, I believe in “true love” and believe that you will know “true love” when you first see it. I look for the good in people, and I absolutely HATE when people are negative or insensitive to others, to a certain point. I'm known to say things too "direct” to some, but I am very polite and straight to the point when I speak. I laugh at pretty much everything and I'm easily entertained. Despite my direct approach, I am very easygoing and easy to talk with. All in all, I think life is amazing and a grand gift from God! I enjoy life to the fullest and never let other's negative I believe that everyone should try to enjoy life and not dwell in the negative aspects of life. Life is too short so do not waste it being negative all the time. You never know when life will be taken away from you. We are only granted this one body and this one life, so use it! WORK & EDUCATION: I majored in Political Science & Pre-Law at the College of Western Idaho from 2009-2012. Currently I am working as a ABI Engineer at Plexus, Inc., while Studying Law at Concordia University of Law. HOBBIES & INTERESTS: A few of my hobbies include: biking, camping, hiking, fashion, fast cars, drawing, designing women's fashions, meeting new people, hanging out with friends and making new friends and of course facebooking. I'm currently designing a woman's fashion collection.