Alena Emilova

Director in Madrid, España

Living in vibrant cities as Vienna, Lisbon, Sofia, Havana and Madrid made me a multilingual insatiable learner with an eclectic background working with business schools as IE and ESADE, Camilo Jose Cela University, GBSB Global and forward-thinking personalities.

I am dedicated to helping organizations redefine focus for radically better results through the best practice of contemporary methodologies for talent development, employee engagement and innovation.

My comprehensive method is influenced by human-centered design, systems thinking, art of hosting, holocracy, entrepreneurship and strategy consulting in the new economy values and practices.

An avid member of the global Design Thinking, UN Women, Impact Hub, Celera - Rafael del Pino Foundation networks for change, innovation and entrepreneurship, I took part in the founding teams of several start-ups.

I also lecture and design educational programs, consult corporate business and academic institutions on internationalization, business models, idea development, project management using strategic design through the best practice methodologies from Stanford University as design thinking for innovation and change, product and service design, strategic design, content, communities generation and engagement.

Developed by David Kelly, design thinking fosters creativity, radical collaboration and disruptive innovation.

The approach not only puts a bridge between business and the creative mind, but questioning our status quo gets back to the essence of problems, fostering reinvention of eco-systems and the design of optimal solutions and purpose oriented, resilient organizations.

A universal method for complex problems solving and multiple stakeholders management, Design thinking combines well with holistic and collaborative approaches offering a structured guide for creative experimentation. It works on a whole set of values for critical thinking, human-centered design, participatory leadership; multidisciplinary, cross-sector collaboration and entrepreneurship.

Design thinking exercises fundamental competencies for the new economy:
• observation skills for ambiguous and unstructured problems, empathic, qualitatively superior research
• creative confidence in the idea, scenario generation, prototyping
• visual thinking, futurization, storytelling and pitching
• business design of strategy, process, service, product, program, campaign, movement, event experience curation
• breaking silos and making impact across sectors