Anton Lennikov

postdoctoral fellow in Linköping, Sweden

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Anton Mikhailovich Lennikov is an accomplished academic, who is currently serving as a postdoctoral fellow with the Department of Clinical & Experimental Medicine (IKE)/Division of Neuro & Inflammation Sciences (NIV) at Linkoping University in Sweden and is in productive collaboration with JHU and Health Science University of Hokkaido. With nearly a decade of international experience, Anton remains passionate about exploring new places and engaging authentically with different cultures. Anton earned his Ph.D. from the Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan. He qualified as a medical doctor and completed an advanced degree in Ophthalmology with Vladivostok Medical University (now Pacific State Medical University).

A deep believer in the value of intercultural exchange and wandering, Anton Lennikov has a passion for traveling, particularly experiencing the great outdoors. He is especially adept at mountaineering and has even climbed Mount Fuji. Yet Anton doesn't just believe in hopping from place to place. Instead, he staunchly advocates for investing in new places to truly being understanding their nuance and beauty. Living somewhere is an entirely different adventure than simply traveling as a tourist.

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    • Linkoping University
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    • Hokkaido University