Alessandra Lomonaco

Startup Advisor, business & community development in Milano, Italia

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Restless learner. Mum of two boys, my first and best startups!

I help startups designing an effective and unique value proposition, communicate using social media, track finances and prepare for meetings with investors.

Currently also President of Alumni Association at MIB School of Management and Associate at Innovits.

Curious like a cat about innovation, digital, startups, women in business and tech, management, managerial finance, social media. I share information on these topics...where? Of course on social media channels (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Linkedin and on my Blog).

Spent a few years in UK, gained MBA in October 2013. President of Alumni Association at MIB School of management (2015-2017) and partner at Innovits, an association of entrepreneurs and managers to support innovative startups.

  • Education
    • MBA
    • MIB School of Management
    • Cà Foscari University