Alessandro A. E. Anzani

Venture Capital in New York, Stati Uniti

Alessandro A. E. Anzani

Venture Capital in New York, Stati Uniti

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Just like my native city, Milan, I was gifted with vision & execution: I am creative while hard worker.

Innovation is a family tradition: Alessandro Anzani is the name of my great grandfather, inventor of motorbike, car, and airplane Stellar & V-engines; an adventurer: his speed runs in my blood.

My initials are the names of my grandparents, both military: grandpa was General of the Police and Africa Lieutenant General when Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, and Libya were Italian colonies; his diaries inspired the movie Bengasi.

I have been an entrepreneur & an investor since I can remember. Venture Capital is my passion: it's not just the most profitable asset class, it is the one that shapes the future, selecting and then spurring development. It sets the direction of and spearheads human progress.

I currently serve as:

· Managing Partner at Smartup Capital, a global venture capital firm

· Ambassador for

· Instructor of Venture Capital, Lecturer of Real Estate Technology & Innovation, Business Mentor at Cornell Tech, NYC

· Business Mentor at UniCredit, Milan

· Vice President and VP of Entrepreneurship for Bocconi University, NYC

· Mentor for the startup accelerators at CUNY, Syracuse, Cornell, and SUNY; judge for the NYS Business Plan competition for 4 years

· CEO of an multi-asset investment-holding with a core focus in real estate developments

I hold a Cornell University A.MBA, a SDA Bocconi MRE, a Bocconi MSE. Sapere aude, nosce te ipsum.

We are all connected: sustainability & impact investing are my duties.

I love diversity, anthropology, demographics, and philosophy: a backpack, a camera, and a plane to a developing country make me happy.

I play guitar, sing rock'n'roll, and ride motorbikes.

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    • Cornell University, MBA. SDA Bocconi, MRE. Universita Bocconi, MSE.