Alessandro Gandaglia

Small Business Owner in Padova, Italia

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I live in Padua, north-east Italy. After my MSc in Physiopatholgy, I spent some years in cardiovascular research in Italy and USA and I got a PhD in Biomolecular and Cell Pathology.

After my MBA at MIB Business School, I worked in small size, medium size and large size companies at international level as Business Development Manager or Mrket Specialist for Biomedical Divisions.
Now I'm Scientific Affairs Director in a biotech firm involved in the production of active ingredients for Nutraceuticals and human recombinat proteins for Pharma and Diagnostics. I'm also one of the shareholders of a small biotech company, BCI (BioCompatibility Innovation) that operates in the field of Biological Tissues for transplant and Human Foods compaitibility.

I'm an enthusiastic, always looking around for new life experiences.

My first love is research and I pursue the dream to give people in the world the possibility to live better in health, especially cardiopathic people through the development of novel products and techniques for the creation of medical devices or foods, such as biprosthetic heart valves wit a longer duration and decreased clinical drawbacks, and hyposensitizing foods to alpha-Gal allergic people.

Always seeking beyond the visible.........

  • Education
    • University of Padova
    • MIB, Business School, Trieste
    • Children's Hospital Los Angeles