Alessandro De Toni

Beijing, China

I've a love affair with China since primary school, when I wrote my very first little essay about China.
Many years later, I discovered the marvels of Chinese language, and when I was 20yo, my passion became a part-time job: while my university mates were delivering pizzas, I was spending long hours on the wire consulting as interpreter for the Italian government.
In the meantime I got a master degree in communication psychology and the basic tools to explore exotic frontiers and understand different cultures. China became my top destination for adventurous trips and challenging experiences.

Combining my love for the Middle Kingdom, my psychology skills and a growing passion for photography and visual arts, in 2004 I started commuting between Italy and China, researching trends and cultural aspects of consumption on behalf of FCL, for companies like Ferrero, Disney, Thai Ministry of Culture, Barilla and many others.
After random intrusions in the world of tv production, I saw documentaries as a challenging sort of applied relational psychology and a compelling way of story telling. I decided to go back to school and learn the secrets of reportage and documentary filmmaking with some truly great Italian masters.

The 2008 Olympics brought me back to China for good.
Since then I have been working as a video producer for several European broadcasters and media outlets and I have been developing my own documentaries as an author.
At the moment, I work on news and documentaries for ORF Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, and I write about creativity in China for