Alex Flores

Monterey, CA

My background is in language studies, language teaching, project management, and higher education management. I have lived and worked in many parts of the world such as in part of Europe, Senegal, and Japan. My experiences have led me down the path to a career in the localization industry.

For undergrad, I studied Spanish and French at Mills College. This experience was life-changing since I traveled a lot and gained work experience in management. The dedicated faculty and staff at Mills College steered me towards a graduate degree in translation studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS).

MIIS really prepared me for the localization world, and I continue to become more and more interested in new subjects such as localization engineering, computer programing, website design, and desktop publishing.

My professional goals are to continue to grow as a localization project manager and in the future, manage my own company that provides localization, translation, and business consulting services.

Additionally, I would like to pursue my artistic career by continuing to selling portraits, display my work in art galleries, and eventually own my art gallery.

Work Experience

2013-present - Localization Project Manager Medialocate

2012-2013 - Localization Project Coordinator - Medialocate

2012 - PM Intern - MO Group International

2011-13 - MA Translation and Localization Management and Business Certificate - Monterey Institute of International Studies

2010 - Administrative Supervisor - Prep Academy

2008-09 - Language Ambassador - Ministerio de Educación in Spain

2004-08- BA in Spanish Studies at

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