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Alex Spasic

Serbia, Novi Sad

My work background consists of 8 years in International Trade and Logistics. The largest part of my experience has been based around import and export procedures in Los Angeles Airport and Long Beach Port. Working at the World’s major ports of entry, multitasking and finding solutions to multiple problems has been a welcomed challenge. I do have the knowledge and understanding of how business is done in the U.S. as I have worked for a couple of great companies. My most recent experience was in Bar System located in Serbia, Europe where I worked specifically with construction materials for 3 years as a Supply Chain Manager. Currently I work full time at home within various niche businesses in the industry. English is the primary language in my household and in my business. My wife is an American and also works full time from home, mostly involved in Creative Va Services.

There is a great benefit to working with someone like me. While short term work is always accepted, my focus is on retaining long-term clients. Technology has really paved the way to make this possible and more affordable for most businesses. The Virtual Assistant Industry is growing. I also attract clients that are male executives and small business owners that like working with a Male Executive Virtual Assistant. While my Niche is in Logistics , I have many clients that I work with that fall in line with common General Va work.

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