Alexa Weinstein

Charity: water, nonprofit organization

Dec 2013 – Dec 2014

* Link displaying all of my water campaigns:

* Total raiser for clean water: $1,334

* Total lives given access to a clean water project due to my fundraising efforts: 66 individuals

The I Have A Name Project, advocacy

Aug 2014 – Feb 2015

* Partnered with The I Have A Name Project in order to help the Smith family reunite with their deceased loved one, Summer Francis Smith, whose life was tragically taken while homeless.

* Created and managed the campaign's site:

* $3,214.00 was raised for the transportation, cremation, and memorial services of Summer's remains; all extra donations were given to programs that aid and bring awareness to youth homelessness due to mental illnesses.

Independent Advocacy:

Sept 2014 – Present

* Short-term goals: offer care-packages (including food, water, essential toiletries, socks, a letter of encouragement, and more, all in one backpack) to the NYC homeless; get involved in stands for human rights and justice, such as the 2015 'Shut-It-Down NYC' protests; and to continue my activity online as an advocate for human rights, equality, and justice.

* Long-term goals: collaborate with other advocates, lawyers, and legislators in order to formally ban the criminalization of the homeless (in the ultimate pursuit of ending homelessness), signing into law a justified and fair “Homeless Bill of Rights." Moreover, I want to help the impoverished class (and those who are boarder-line impoverished) through the promotion of legislation, which would prevent individuals from falling into a deep level of financial struggle; but if already in that position, the promoted legislation would require the federal government to aid those individuals in need.

Social Media: